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City Utilities & Services

Alliant Energy 


Alliant Energy supplies natural gas and electricity for all  in town residents,  To set up a new service or cancel a service visit their website or call the 800 number listed above.

Ashton Municipal


The City of Ashton provides all in town residents with Water, Sewer & Garbage Pickup.  Please contact the city clerk at the number listed above to set up a new service or disconnect a service before moving.

Rural Ashton Residence 

 - Cooperative Energy Company is an option for LP Gas visit them at

 - Osceola Electric (REC) is an option for your electrical needs visit

OC Sanitation



OC Sanitation provides all garbage pick up for all in town residents.  Direct all garbage related questions them, NOT the City of Ashton.

Things to Remember

  • Garbage Pick-Up

    • Garbage pick up is every Friday morning beginning as early as 4:00am

    • City approved garbage can must be placed at the end of the driveway

    • A limit of one specified garbage can per household is allowed

    • If you have additional items to be picked up contact OC Sanitation (712)737-2645

    • Additional containers of garbage will not be picked up unless arrangements are made with OC Sanitation

    • Specialty items - such as electronics, paint or other hazardous materials must have a tag 

  • Recycling ​

    • A recycle container will be provided when you move to town

    • Recycling pickup is the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month

    • Please click here to see what items are considered recyclable "Recyclable Items"

  • City Bill​

    • Your City bill is due the 15th of the month

    • A 1.5% financing fee will be added to all late bills​

    • Any delinquent bill will be charged a $15 fee and the water will be shut off

    • A $10.00 fee will be required to be paid before the water service will be reopened

    • City bill can be dropped off at the Ashton State Bank, mailed to: City of Ashton 2191 Nettle Ave, Ashton, IA 51232 or paid online by credit card or e-check at eNETPAY (there will be a $3.00 per $100 fee if paid online)

  • New to Town or Moving​

    • Contact the City Clerk at (712)724-6297 to set up a new service or disconnect a service before moving

    • A $200 deposit is required for any tenant moving into the City of Ashton.  The deposit is required before the water will be turned on

    • If the bill is kept current the deposit will be refunded upon departure from the City of Ashton

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