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The Ashton Fire Department and Ambulance team are always looking for new members!

Ashton Fire & Rescue


Fire Chief - Andy Gacke

3029 3rd Street

Ashton, IA 51232

Phone: 712-461-2232

The Ashton Fire & Rescue is a volunteer based fire department serving Ashton and surrounding towns in Osceola County.  They are always looking for new members, if interested contact Rob Imhoff.

Ashton A.C.E.S

Lead - Karen Devries

334 3rd Ave

Ashton, IA 51232

Phone: 712-724-6167

The Ashton Community Emergency Systems (A.C.E.S) are on call 24/7, they cover Ashton and assist other nearby towns.  If you have any experience in the medical field or would be interested in becoming an ambulance driver please contact Karen DeVries.

Sheriff's Office

Osceola County

Sheriff - Kevin Wollmuth

309 6th Street

Sibley, IA 51249

Phone: 712-754-2556

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office is committed to preserving, promoting, and securing a feeling of safety and security for all members of Osceola County through the practice and delivery of efficient, effective and professional public safety services.

Emergency Management

Osceola County 

Manager- Dan Bechler

309 6th Street

Sibley, IA 51249

Phone: 712-754-2381

Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 am - Noon

The job of the Osceola County Emergency Management is to assure that all County residents are aware of procedures to stay safe during natural disasters.  They also  help assist people in the after math of a disaster by helping gain assistance.

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