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Traffic & Vehicle Ordinances

Truck Routes - Every truck tractor, semi-trailer, combination, whether loaded or empty, having no fixed terminal within the City of Ashton or making no scheduled stops within the City of Ashton, shall travel over or upon the following streets and no others:

  • All of Ashton Avenue, 3rd Street & East 3rd Street

  • All of 1st Street & 1st Avenue

  • 2nd Avenue from 3rd Street to 1st Street

  • 2nd Street from 2nd Avenue to 1st Avenue

Truck Parking - No person shall park a truck tractor, semi-trailer combination on any of the streets, avenues or alleys in the City of Ashton, except for the time required to load or unload.  A violation of this ordinance shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $100.00.  

Semi Tractor Noise - It shall be unlawful for any person in any part of the City of Ashton to make or cause to be made, loud or disturbing noises with any mechanical devices operating by compressed air and used for the purpose of assisting braking on any truck.  

Golf Carts & UTV's - Only permitted vehicles are allowed to operate on the City streets from one-half hour after dawn until one-half hour before dusk.  Proof of liability Insurance is required and must be at or above the minimum amounts for motor vehicles as prescribed by the state of Iowa.  All operators of the permitted vehicle must hold a valid drivers license and be at least sixteen years of age.  All occupants must be in a seated position at all times with no more than the number of occupants than the vehicle is designed for.  No one may be standing on the vehicle of sitting on another passenger while the vehicle is in operation.  Before a vehicle will be allowed on the City streets it must have:

  • Adequate brakes

  • Seating for all passengers, with no more passengers than the seat(s) are designed to accommodate.

  • Slow moving Vehicle Sign

  • A canopy over the front seat area or a flag extending a minimum six feet high

  • Clearly audible horn device.   

All-Terrain Vehicles & Snowmobiles - ATV's and snowmobiles shall be operated only upon streets which have not been plowed during the snow season and on such other streets as may be designated by resolution of the council.  ATV's and snowmobiles shall not be operated upon the public sidewalk or that portion of the street located between the curb line and the sidewalk.  No snowmobile shall be operated in the City between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am except for emergency situations.  Snowmobiles will not be operated during a publicized thaw ban in areas posted to prohibit such operation.  The owner of an ATV or snowmobile is liable for any injury or damage caused by the negligent operation or the equipment.  

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