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Property Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep their property in nuisance-free condition.  The city is in surveillance of properties within the city limits monitoring for any properties out of compliance.  If your property is considered in violation you will receive a nuisance abatement notice that will require you to fix the problem(s) pursuant to the Code of Ordinance of Ashton. Making a better Ashton is everyone's responsibility, proper maintenance of property is essential to achieve that goal.  If your property is not in compliance, please take the time to clean up and fix up any issues.  Being a better neighbor and property owner makes Ashton a more enjoyable place for everyone to work and live.

The following are considered nuisances pursuant to the Ashton City Code:

Grass, Weeds & Brush - The property owner is required to keep the lawn mowed and the weeds under control.  Any dense growing grass, weeds and brush/vegetation is considered a violation.  If the city has to mow the property the owner will be charged

Junk or Debris -  Defined as, but not limited to, scrap metal, rope, rags, batteries, paper, trash, waste lumber, dismantled vehicles, machinery, appliances, glass, plastic or discarded household goods.  Junk piles of any nature in and around properties will not be tolerated.

Offensive Smells - Any substance or building which causes noxious exhalations, unreasonable offensive smells or other annoyance which becomes injurious and dangerous to the health and comfort of property of individuals or the public.

Junk Vehicles - It is unlawful for any person to allow junk vehicles to remain or accumulate on any private property within the corporate city limits.  Junk vehicles are defined as any vehicle not stored within a garage or storage facility, has broken glass, missing parts, is inoperable - defined as unable to be moved under its own power, or is unlicensed.  Mere licensing of such a vehicle is not considered a defense that the vehicle is not considered a "junk vehicle." 

Unsafe Buildings - Any structure which is dilapidated, deteriorated, decayed, or faulty construction or of which the foundation is unstable or deteriorated.  Also any structure which has had inadequate maintenance and is determined to be a health hazard.

Trees - It is the property owner's responsibility to keep trees trimmed at least 15-feet above the surface of the street and 8-feet above the sidewalks.  Dead trees need to be removed so as to not cause damage to adjoining property or city streets.  If the City is forced to trim a tree, which is considered a nuisance along City streets, the City is not responsible for the overall look of the tree when the trimming is complete.  

Tree Limb & Branch Removal - The city will remove tree limbs and branches only in storm damage situations.  All limbs and branches must be placed curbside in manageable lengths and weights.  If storm damage is not involved, the City is not responsible for removal from private property.  All property owners must dispose of the limbs & branches.  

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