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Summer Rec 

Coordinator - Kenny Goedken

5228 240th Street

Ashton, IA 51232

Phone: 712-724-51232

Wavier Form

Summer Rec is the opportunity for youth in grades kindergarten through 8th grade to have a positive and exciting social experience through learning the fundamentals of several sports, while also incorporating character development.


Guidelines & Basic Information

  • The Summer Rec program is held in the mornings at the West City Park on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays starting in June.  

  • There may be several evening or Saturday events, information will be provided ahead of time to make proper preparations.

  • The Summer Rec activities include

    • Baseball/Softball, 

    • Kickball

    • Soccer

    • Volleyball

    • Basketball

  • Clothing to be worn is at the discretion of the parents/guardians and child.  It is recommend that the child wears a t-shirt, shorts or jeans and the proper athletic shoes, 

  • It is important for all children to stay hydrated so it is recommended that each child bring a drink (water, Gatorade, etc) it will not be provided.

  • It is expected that the youth will respect the other children and the volunteer leaders, as well act in a acceptable manner.  If a child has been talked to twice about unacceptable behavior the parent/guardian will be made aware of the situation and if the child acts out a third time they will be to asked to sit out the remainder of the summer rec program.

Contact Kenny Goedken for more information on upcoming programs

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